List-o-mania guys! The Music Network have recently unveiled Australian music’s Top 30 Under 30 – a proverbial “tip of the cap to those who are shaping the industry while in their twenties”. So bravo to you young industry shapers!
With inclusions like Rice Is Nice linchpin Julia Wilson, music photographer Dan Boud, graphic designer Jonathan Zawada and DJ-slash-philanthropists Nina Agzarian and Andrew Levins, we’re glad that a handful of Pedestrian’s friends made the list. As well as the embodiment of Pedestrian himself, my boss and noted suit wearer Chris Wirasinha.
Check out the Top 30 under 30 below, it’s a great list of talent who are far more ambitious than I. Though if we were going to be pedantic, the list should sacrifice some semantic punch and call itself the Top 30 under 31. Sorry. No more list scrutiny, I promise.
Jaddan Comerford, 26. Director, Staple Group.
Nina Agzarian, 25. Producer/Presenter, Triple J’s ‘House Party’.
Matt Gudinski, 25. Illusive label founder.
Chad Gillard, 26. Head Of Touring, Future Classic.
Evan Davis, 25. Booker, Village Sounds.
Julia Wilson, 28. Owner, Rice Is Nice Records.
Nick Findlay, 26. Assistant Music Director, Triple J.
Chris Johnson, 30. Manager, AMRAP.
Woody McDonald, 25. Music Director, Meredith, Golden Plain.
Daniel Boud, 30. Photographer.
Nick Byrne, 26. General Manager, AIR.
Susan Heymann, 30. Marketing & Promotions Manager, Chugg Entertainment.
Briese Abbott, 25. Artist Manager, One Louder.
Kate Edwards, 29. Managing Director, Peer Group Media.
Craig Hawker, 30. VP, A&R Labels Australasia, EMI.
Emily York, 29. Director, Penny Drop.
Eliza Sarlos, 27. Creative Director, Music NSW.
Andrew Levins, 25. DJ, Manager.
Jaime Gough, 27. International Manager, Native Tongue.
Sarah Norton, 28. Manager, WAMi festival.
Jamie Huber, 30. Manager, Entrepreneur.
Chris Chow, 30. Entertainment Lawyer.
Jolie Hertzberg, 25. Music Coordinator, Surfers Paradise Festival.
Jai Al-Attas, 26. Founder, One.
Dom Alessio, 26. Presenter, Home & Hosed, triple j.
Chris Wirasinha, 27. Co-Founder, Pedestrian TV.
Dane Hunnerup, 30. Musician, Manager, Arts Worker.
Marc Mancini, 29. Director, AAA Entertainment.
Jonathan Zawada, 29. Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
Stephen Green, 29. Director, Stephen Green Consulting.