Aussie pop up-and-comer Johnny Manuel has just dropped an acoustic rendition of his latest single ‘Lost In The Music, and it’s honestly smoother than butter.

Johnny has been a total trailblazer in the music biz since he was 14, flexing his immense talent globally ever since. He kicked off his career as one of Jermaine Dupri‘s proteges (aka, the guy who mentored JAY-Z, Usher, Alicia Keys, and so many more into superstardom) before touring the world and releasing a slew of material. Years after, in 2017, he starred on America’s Got Talent, competed for Bulgaria in Eurovision in 2018, and joined the Voice US last year as part of Seal‘s team.

His latest single, ‘Lost In The Music’, is a sultry banger that basically begs the listener to boogie along to the pulsating groove and oozing synths, culminating in a woozy banger that showcases his sublime vocal abilities.

You can suss the gorgeous acoustic rendition of ‘Lost In The Music’ here:

Johnny said that the track was all about rediscovering love and the enjoyment that comes from it – a more wholesome song topic could not be fathomed. If you’re in need of a hefty dose of positivity and radiating joy, I highly recommend wrapping your listening gear around this bop.

“When we were creating this song, we started talking about how complicated relationships can become, but if you learn to let go, you find out that it can be simple,” he explained.

You can check out the rest of Johnny’s music here and keep up to date with all his releases on Instagram. 

You also be able to catch him live in Sydney at the Oxford Art Factory on Friday, June 18th, and in Melbourne at The Toff In Town on Friday, June 25th.

Image: Johnny Manuel / Instagram