Aussie Fan Throws Beer Can at Courtney Love, Hilarious Rant Ensues

Courtney Love, who ran out of fucks to give at some point in the late ’90s and has been running on vodka and Twitter shade ever since, is touring Australia right now. 

It wouldn’t be a Courtney Love tour without some high drama and an expletive-laden rant or two, and on Friday night, we got just those things when a fan threw a beer can at the singer during an Adelaide show.
“In 20 years, no one’s thrown a beer can at me except for you fucker,” she said, stopping the performance to shout at the fan. “Your weenie must be this fucking big,” she continued, with added emasculating hand gestures. 
Someone in the crowd caught the rant on video, so now you can relive the whole thing.
Unsurprisingly, nobody threw anything else at Love for the remainder of the show. Her tour of Australia continues until the end of August.

Photo: Ethan Miller via Getty Images