Aussie DJ Talents UV Boi & Luen Jacobs Tapped For Major Fashion Campaign

We’ve teamed up with David Jones to help them showcase the next wave of young Australian talent as a part of their Watch This Space campaign. Why? Because ‘Strayans are the best, and young Aussies are even better. They’ve created a banging visual/music hub that’s well worth checking out. It includes information on who these remarkable people are and what they’re up to, as well as their looks for summer fashion inspo.     

We’ve plucked some supreme talent from David Jones’ #DJsWatchThisSpace campaign to profile as a reminder of your stagnant existence. Jokes, we know you’re probably killing it. However, hopefully you’ll gain some insight into how to slay at life even more once you’ve checked out these two fantastic peeps. 


Luen Jacobs wears The Fifth Label.
DJ/creative, Luen Jacobs is cooler than ice cold and definitely someone worth keeping an eye on. When she’s not making her own tracks, Luen’s running her business Hand Games and throwing Project-X style partayyys.

PEZ: Can you walk us through how Hand Games came to be?
LUEN: I was 19, living in Brisbane trying so hard to get an internship with a promotions / events company and no one would have me. I started throwing parties, mostly dance music type events until I eventually went to a big sound (the big live music showcase in Brisbane) and fell in love with live music at an I OH YOU party. A few months later I started to take things seriously, moved to Sydney, started Hand Games and went on a wild spiral into the belly of the live music industry of sydney. The first Hand Games tour was an Oscar + Martin headlined party with 4-5 bands in each city of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. since then we’ve done house parties, gigs on the gold coast, in Perth and Adelaide, zines, compilations, bookings and band management, Merch and videos.
PEZ: What motivated you to get involved in the music industry?
LUEN: I was dating a producer back in the day who’s manager seemed like the coolest dude ever, I really looked up to him and thought it would be fun to plan artists careers and throw massive parties. 
PEZ: How would you describe your sound and what are its influences?
LUEN: I love instrumental hip hop, weird electronica and dancehall. Music that draws an emotional response. 
PEZ: What projects do you currently have in the works? 
LUEN: I’ve been writing music for a little while and am getting into the studio at the moment to record, it feels so strange to be on this side of the music industry when i’ve always been in the background. I’m singing and pulling friends in to produce for me. I’m doing some late night presenting shifts at triple j which is super fun as I get paid to listen to hours of new music! My best friend Georgia and I are working on Hand Games zine #3 which will probably be out early 2016, hopefully with a wild party in Sydney to launch it! I’m also really enjoying DJing at the moment and out of everything that’s probably my main focus. It’s like meditation. 
PEZ: Where do you see yourself and your current projects in five years time? 
LUEN: I would love to see my music in the world, still be curating music for playlists, mixtapes, and dancefloors. Maybe I would have my own radio show.
PEZ: What would you say to someone who wants to break into Australia’s music industry?
LUEN: If you can’t get a job- start doing exactly what you want wether that’s promoting, band management or starting your own label – and push it out from your own channels. Find people in those industries you admire and ask lots of questions, don’t be shy. If you work hard and your output is constant, you will be noticed. Be nice and follow your instincts. 


UV Boi wears Deus Ex Machina.
UV Boi will undoubtedly be an icon of Australia’s underground music scene over the next few years. His hectic bangers are keeping his large following of fans constantly pleased, as well as attracting new ones like a drunk moth to a flame.

PEZ: How did the name UV Boi come about?
UV BOI: It’s a long story, but to cut it short my photographer friend and I were talking about hats and sun protection gear and I mentioned ‘hey we could be the UV Bois or the special agent sun boys’ and I thought ‘hey, UV Boi sounds cool’ and then I made it my new alias.  
PEZ: Is your stage presence as UV Boi different to who you are normally?
UV BOI: I like to keep it quite separate. Through UV Boi I’ve come to do a lot of fun stuff. But, as just me, I’m kind of reserved and quiet. I like to spend my time at home and relax really. 
PEZ: What motivated you to get involved in the music industry?
UV BOI: Honestly, I found music by accident – I kind of just stumbled upon it and then I ended up falling in love with it. I just made music because I loved it. Luckily, somehow, I got a break and now I have a fan base that loves my music and I’m grateful. I just did it because I love it. 
PEZ: How would you describe your sound and what are its influences?
UV BOI: I try and keep it diverse and not pigeonhole myself into certain sounds but there are a few common characteristics of mine. I would describe it as heavy-hitting, more on the 808 side but it still has a melodic taste to it. I’m trying to create whatever I feel and if it makes a different sound or genre then I don’t mind that too.  
I really do love the sound of Chrome Sparks, a bit of James Blake and Lavalux. I think they’re the three inspirations to my sound. 
PEZ: What projects do you currently have in the works? 
UV BOI: I have a new single coming out in the next week or two that’s pretty exciting. It sounds a bit different to what I normally make which is exactly what I’m trying to go for. I have an EP coming very soon – perhaps early next year and I’m also working on a new live show, as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. 
PEZ: Where do you hopefully see yourself in five years time? 
UV BOI: I guess we all dream to travel the world, explore it and meet all of your fans. I just hope to see myself still creating music and moving to different avenues – perhaps starting my own label and helping other aspiring artists or continuing on with other ventures. It’ll all still revolve around music.
PEZ: What would you say to someone who wants to break into Australia’s music industry?
UV BOI: Create the music you love and don’t try to make the sound everyone else is making. That’s the best advice you can give to someone. As long as you love what you’re making and you’re enjoying it then you’ll get there eventually.

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