It’s happened again. Another Like A Version that has completely stripped the walls of paint, cleared my skin, and washed my sheets has been blessed upon us mere mortals. This time, from Norwegian / other-worldly artist, AURORA.

She’s delivered an ethereal and spine-tingling take on The Beatles classic ‘Across The Universe‘ and I simply cannot stop listening to it.

In the big room at the Triple J studios, AURORA and her small group of accompanying vocalists and a single guitarist fill the large space with tinkling piano and swelling, swirling harmonies that reverberate around the space, bouncing off the walls and creating this whole gorgeous soundscape.

I feel like if you were in the general Ultimo proximity when they recorded this, you’d unknowingly have this wave of goosebumps wash over you while you’re sitting at your desk, and this weird sense that there’s a giant flower blooming somewhere, or something not-of-this-world had just blossomed nearby.

It’s pretty much this, in song form.

It’s like the first smell of Spring after a long winter, and AURORA stands in the middle of the bloom, almost like some graceful deity that John Lennon would have 100% penned songs about if they co-existed in the same time.

I’m surprised that flowers and vines and plants didn’t just pop up out of the floorboards during this performance. It’s simply stunning, and I’ve exhausted all my words to try and explain the out-of-body experience I’ve had this morning listening to it on repeat.

Take five minutes to sit and close your eyes and let this one wash over you, trust me.

Image: YouTube / Triple J