Father Bob Fronts Star-Filled Line-Up In ‘At Home Alone Together’s Brilliantly Chaotic 2nd Ep

ABC’s At Home Alone Together, the “lifestyle show for a world where nobody has a life”, just aired its second episode, with punters continuing to applaud the show for being genuine iso gold.

From Ray Martin‘s proposal for a cough alarm to get rid of people you don’t want to engage with during COVID-19, to a heartfelt PSA from G-Flip, Osher and Fitzy to all Australians considering a podcast venture during the pandemic – “the greatest gift you can give your fellow human beings right now, is to shut the fuck up” – the latest episode from the comedy-lifestyle show was the perfect way to escape all iso-related worries… by laughing at everyone else’s iso-related worries.

Although there were a whole stack o’ things in this episode that made me chortle (which is hard to do) like Laura Hughes‘ “Vibe-rator” and Anne Edmonds‘ segment on how to write books through the eyes of Helen Bidou, I think Father Bob‘s ‘Zoom confessional booth’ took the cake this time ’round. At one point, Cathy Freeman Zooms in to ask for forgiveness, claiming that she wore the iconic Olympic bodysuit to her daughter’s egg-and-spoon race. (Doesn’t this content just sound so fucking wholesome? Yes. It is. Great gear.)

#AtHomeAloneTogether was the top trending topic on ye ol’ Twitter tonight, with viewers applauding the show for providing us all with 30 minutes of COVID-19 catharsis.


Okay, but seriously, I need this above picture framed.


Feeling a whole sack of FOMO now? Stream the latest episodes of At Home Alone Together over on ABC iView.