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This article discusses mental health and grief. If you or someone you know is experiencing grief and wants to talk, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, eHeadspace on 1800 650 890, or the Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800.

Ariana Grande has penned a heartfelt post on Instagram after being reduced to tears at a recent show, expressing her gratitude for the people she tours with, her understanding fans, and everyone for accepting her “humanness”.

Footage has emerged from her rescheduled Missouri date of her Sweetener World Tour, where Ari breaks down while trying to sing her track ‘R.E.M’, causing fans to be worried about her health, and how she’s doing both physically and emotionally.

In her Instagram post (which she screengrabbed and posted to her Twitter as well), Ariana talks about the wild nature of both tour and life, and expresses how grateful she is to everyone that surrounds her.

Ariana Grande also explicitly recognises that she’s “still processing a lot” and though she has some days where she feels overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, she’s determined to continue with her tour and keep herself surrounded by people who support and balance her out.

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tour is wild. life is wild. i’m grateful for the sea of love i have around me everyday and for the people who come to these shows and give all of us every ounce of energy they’ve got. i’m grateful to work with the best musicians and dancers in the world. i’m grateful for my voice and my team. i’m grateful for this music. i’m grateful for my tour bus driver, Kurt who bought me pickles yesterday because he saw we ran out. i’m grateful for the opportunity to sing to thousands of people every night. it’s a dream come true. no matter how hard it gets or how many feelings come up that are screaming at me to be processed and sorted through one day, i’m grounded by gratitude and promise not to give up on what i’ve started. i feel everything very intensely and have committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when i’m still processing a lot … so sometimes i cry a lot! i thank you for accepting my humanness. i’m not sure what i did to deserve to meet so many loving souls every night / to feel so much love, but i want you to know that it really does carry me through. i feel it and i appreciate it. and all of you so much. i’m sharing this because i’m grateful and because i want you to know that if you too are hurting, you can push through and are not alone. it is hard to balance taking care of the people around you, doing your job, and healing / taking care of yourself at the same time… but i want you to know, you aren’t alone and i think you’re doing great. love you.

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I mean you’ve gotta remember that she’s absolutely still processing the bombing attack at her Manchester show two years ago that saw over 20 people killed. Grief is a weird and untameable thing, and though you feel like you might be through it, it’ll rear its ungodly head again and get you when you least expect it.

Heaps of Ariana’s fans, peers, and friends have shown their support for the young singer during what is obviously a challenging time, but most notably is her manager, Scooter Braun, weighing in with a message of support – which hasn’t gone down too well with fans.

After resharing Ari’s post with his own support, fans have come for Scooter Braun, still enraged by the whole Taylor Swift thing from last month. Considering he’s Ariana’s manager, Ariana Grande stans have questioned his post and are suspicious of how genuine he actually is about supporting and caring for his roster – including Ariana.

Image: Getty Images / NBC