Fans Think Ariana Grande’s New Song ‘Ghostin’ Is About Mac Miller

Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, Ghostin

Ariana Grande unleashed her new album Thank U, Next yesterday afternoon, and given her propensity for writing songs about her high-profile exes, fans were quick to pull the lyrics apart in search of any reference to Mac Miller or Pete Davidson.

It seems the most explicit mentions of relationship angst and boyfriends past are found on ‘Ghostin‘, the lyrics of which are about Ariana crying over an old lover and feeling guilty for dumping her baggage on her new man, even though he’s so understanding.

In the pre-chorus section, she sings:

“Baby, you do it so well / You been so understanding, you been so good / And I’m puttin’ you through more than one ever should / And I’m hating myself ’cause you don’t want to / Admit that it hurts you”

The lyrics also reference what would seem to be dreams about Mac Miller:

“Though I wish he were here instead / Don’t want that living in your head / He just comes to visit me / When I’m dreaming every now and then (and then) / And after all that we been through (And after all that we been through) / There’s so much to look forward to / What was done and what was said / Leave it all here in this bed with you (With you)”

In a tweet from several weeks ago, Ariana Grande told a fan that ‘Ghostin’ is about “feeling badly for the person you’re with because you love someone else, feeling badly because he can tell he can’t compare … and how I should be ghosting him.”

The album is streaming now on Spotify, so you can have a listen and decide for yourself, should you wish.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande dated for close to two years, before their breakup in early 2018. He passed away last September, with the coroner ruling his death to be an accidental overdose.