DM Your 2014 Tumblr Mutuals Because The Arctic Monkeys Are Coming In Hot With A New Album

In simply huge news for everyone who was on Tumblr when AM dropped in 2013, the Arctic Monkeys have announced their seventh studio album. My indie rock phase is coming back and my 15-year-old self is living.

The new album is called The Car and it’ll drop on October 21, which means you have time to dig out your favourite knee socks.

Plus 2022 is the band’s 20-year-anniversary which is both lovely and also terrifying.

Apparently, The Car is going to be a bit of a departure from their last studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, which was released in 2018 and had less rock and more vibes.

The band’s frontman Alex Turner spoke to The Big Issue about The Car.

“On this record, sci-fi is off the table. We are back to earth,” he said.

According to the interview, the album will also feature some heavy strings, so I like its chances of becoming the backdrop to many a dramatic TikTok edit.

“The strings on this record come in and out of focus and that was a deliberate move and hopefully everything has its own space,” he said.

“There’s time the band comes to the front and then the strings come to the front.”

Okay, ya got me Alex: I’m hyped.

The band also played one of their new songs — ‘I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am’ — at a music festival in Switzerland, per NME.

Seeing as it’s been a hot sec since the band released new music, fans are pretty fkn excited. I include myself in that category.

Who doesn’t miss the feeling of superiority that came with being a wanky 19-year-old and requesting ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ at a party because it had “a really sick, underground vibe”?

It’s also bloody excellent timing for Aussie fans given the Arctic Monkeys are slated to play Falls Festival. And they’ve announced three massive outdoor shows too.

Catch me studiously listening to the new album on loop until I know all the lyrics. This is now my ultimate goal for the year.