Applause: Lady Gaga Sent Fans Free Pizza To Make Up For Cancelling A Show

Your fave musician announces a tour, you lose your little mind, you and your mates get on five separate computers to frantically press the refresh button over and over again in order to get tickets, you score tickets, you lose your little mind again, and then you spend a couple of months in extreme excitement counting down to the big day.

But sometimes comes an unexpected event, or an illness, or something that causes the artist to either reschedule or cancel their appearance. There is nothing like that crushing disappointment.

That is what heaps of Lady Gaga fans went through in Montreal, after the singer postponed her concert due to illness, citing the cause as recently singing in the rain in an outdoor concert in New York. She posted a heartfelt apology.

But Gaga did not stop there, taking the extra step of giving out the info of where she was staying, and offering to send free pizza to all of the fans that gathered outside her hotel to try and help make up for their disappointment.

I have never been given free pizza by any of my favourite singers, what a rip off.

In any case, Gaga’s monsters were very moved by the gesture, and took to social media to post photos of themselves eating the (delicious looking) pizza.

They also posted footage of themselves singing up to Gaga, and footage of her looking down at them.

THEN Lady Gaga apparently herself took some snaps, looking down at her adoring and pizza-filled fans. It was all very Evita, and very adorable.

This is setting a huge precedent for touring artists in the future. Next time you cancel and break my heart, I better at LEAST get a calzone.