Hang On: Did Anthony Albanese Scull A Beer At A Gang Of Youths Concert In Sydney?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been spotted downing a brewski at a Gang of Youths concert at Syd’s Enmore Theatre on Monday night. The man’s on his Bob Hawke shit and for that, I have no choice but to stan.

Footage captured by attendees on Twitter showed Albanese sitting front row in the gallery with his partner Jodie Haydon, when he started necking a beer at lightning speed.

The crowd was hooting and hollering. They were going wild. The entire theatre lost their collective shit and in all honesty, I don’t blame them.

One video from Rhanna Collins showed the PM standing up after he’d downed his schooner, pointing to the empty cup as if to prove it was all gone. Babe, we believe you, we all saw you drink it.


Albanese was also wearing his finest Joy Division Unknown Pleasures t-shirt, which is trés iconique if you ask me.

It brings me indescribable joy to know we finally have our first 2014 Tumblr-era PM. I’m waiting for him to start quoting Lana Del Rey lyrics during Question Time. Maybe he’ll even introduce a referendum to change the Australian flag to the cover of Arctic Monkeys’ AM? Only time will tell.

One attendee told PEDESTRIAN.TV it seemed like the PM was having fun and TBH they’re not wrong. The bloke looked like he was in his element.

Don’t take this the wrong way: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Anthony Albanese having a silly, goofy time at a Gang of Youths gig. YOLO, I say.

But it would be nice if the PM did something super relatable and wacky like not being so obsessed with coal, oil and gas instead, you know?