Another Live Music Venue Bites The Dust

Just as we thought we were looking at the tail end of Australia’s venue closure epidemic we learn that one of Brisbane’s most unique venues Lofly Hangar is being forced to close its doors permanently due to noise complaints. Lofly’s DIY ethos set it apart: great live music from the best local bands, BYO drinks and always fine company. Unfortunately, as the patronage numbers went up the noise did too – and due to its location in residential inner-city suburb Red Hill it was inevitable that the council would put a handbrake on the operation eventually.

Despite the closure of the Hangar at Red Hill, the Lofly record label will keep kicking on and the parties will undoubtedly continue on in one incarnation or another. Appropriately they are going out with a bang with one last party on December 11 featuring the “Lofly bands who have come of age during the space’s life”. We will be there to toast their contribution to Brisbane’s live music culture – BYO-style.

We learned the news via the following message on the Lofly Hangar facebook page

“In early 2007 Lofly label/collective opened Hangar, a music-centred BYO party in Red Hill. This was an unlikely venture: a venue set in the midst of a heavily residential area well away from the dominant Valley, run by a collective of volunteers with no prior experience of putting on live shows. Add to that the label’s insistence on curating every line-up, and never advertising or releasing information about shows to press, and it’s hard to imagine how Hangar could have grown to be one of the city’s most loved places to play and watch music.

“Hangar will close in December this year. As the nights have grown in popularity, the generosity of the local neighbourhood has been sorely tested. The chances of having Hangar’s corsage suddenly pulled off are too high as the label contemplates chaperoning her into a 5th year. Rather than risk an overnight demise, Lofly has decided to give Hangar the farewell tour it deserves.

“From the start, Hangar has been known for its (surprisingly) excellent sound, the vision and quality of its programming, and for the warm community that has grown around the lush, crusty warehouse space.

“The final shows at Hangar have been booked to showcase different slices of the scene that has grown up at Red Hill. They will be a chance for people to come together to celebrate the role the space has played in Brisbane music, to catch up with old friends, and, as always, to have a cracking party.

“The last Hangar will be on December 11 and will feature the Lofly bands who have come of age during the space’s life. Fittingly, this works out to be the 100th show since Hangar commenced. Before then, a number of great parties are lined up, starting with the Australian debut appearance of US indie-folk genius Mirah on Friday Oct 22.

“Lofly encourages Brisbane people who have not been to Hangar to come and check it out before the year is over. Go to if you want to know more about the dates and line ups.

“Above all, Lofly extends the utmost appreciation and admiration to all the bands, regulars and helpers who have made the last four years so wonderful. Thanks also go to the folks from the Troubadour and the Clubhouse for their collaboration and friendship during this period.

“2011 will be a big year for the label. In addition to releases by Mr. Maps, Nova Scotia, Toy Balloon, re:enactment, restream and aheadphonehome, Lofly is working hard to create another magical place (or places) in which to put on outstanding shows. These events will be a continuation of the DIY approach on which Hangar was built, and Lofly’s commitment to supporting the expansion of interesting Brisbane music. Details will be announced in the coming months.”