Animal Collective’s Mind Altering LP Cover

For any band, aligning your music with a certain visual aesthetic is a meticulously crafted process. For Animal Collective however, only one question need be answered. What would it sound/look like on acid?

The results of which lie before your very eyes. I feel like I should of put a seizure disclaimer before this post because I stared at this image for almost 10 minutes and thought I entered the 9th portal of hell or the 5th divine dimension or something. If you’re currently face down on your keyboard in a pool of your own saliva, I apologise, but gee that album cover is nifty ain’t it?

With the undulating, mind altering cover for “Merriweather Post Pavilion” Animal Collective continue to appease their stoner fan base without even releasing any music. God knows my weekend will be spent eating heaps of acid and staring at this image in the dark while listening to “Strawberry Jam” on repeat and drumming on pots and pans. Just kidding. I’d be listening to “Feels” not “Strawberry Jam”.