Animal Collective, White Stripes And Grizzly Bear Dabble In Film

You’d assume that Sundance exclusively champions film but thanks to a semi-anonymous street artist and a slew of Pitchfork darlings some art and music-centric offerings are also turning heads in Utah.

Exhibit A is the trailer for Animal Collective’s eagerly awaited visual collaboration, ODDSAC, which hit the interwebs yesterday. It’s been described as “An earthy, psychedelic experimental narrative infused with the band, Animal Collective’s aural and musical sensibilities” but judging from the below thirty seconds it’s more like mainlining acid and death into both eyeballs. Which, of course, would be awesome.

Staying in Utah, it’s also been announced that Animal Collective’s much loved Brooklyn peers Grizzly Bear will be scoring a film. Yep, in between high-fiving Jay-Z and covering Hot Chip, the Angel faced four-piece have provided the soundtrack for Blue Valentine a forthcoming Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams drama which is also premiering at Sundance.

To complete the music/film trifecta The White Stripes have announced a March release for their Canadian tour documentary “The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights”. The doco was shot in the summer of 2007 and follows The Stripes as they traverse Canada and try to perform in every province and territory across their North American neighbour. This film documents their journey, culminating with their 10th Anniversary show in Nova Scotia. Looks like fun yeah?