There’s not much that scares Andy King anymore – at least not after he became internationally-recognised for his biggest career failure to date and still managed to find the silver lining in it. Known for being that guy who was fully prepared to take one for the team, so to speak, at the deeply cooked Fyre Festival, he’s now on the path to putting on two of his own festivals. But better this time, promise.

Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV, the accepted ‘Blow Job King’ of the embattled festival that turned a Bahamian island into a modern version of Lord Of The Flies says that he’s taken all of his (very important) learnings from his experience with Billy McFarland and Ja Rule and is going to kick off a couple of festivals of his own.

I’m about to announce one or two music festivals, that I’ll be hosting, and we’re going to be focusing on zero waste and environmental impacts, and trying to inspire young kids to do the right thing today.

Ultra [Music Festival] definitely was not doing that with toilets that were overflowing, and food that wasn’t great and you know, it just was a mess.

Andy King said that he wants to change the trajectory of music festivals, and help to make sustainability and zero-waste initiatives interesting and a priority for young punters getting along to festivals.

Despite us all knowing him from the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix, Andy’s been in the event production business for nearly 30 years.

I’m one of the biggest visible failures in pop culture today, because of Fyre. No one knows about my 30 years of successes, they know me from my one big failure. But that’s an interesting platform for me, because from your failures you learn much more from your successes.

He’s the co-founder of Inward Point, an events company that focuses on zero-waste and sustainable events for high-end clients from “wonderful world of the large Wall St firms”, who Andy believes are “slowly but surely” coming around to the idea of a life with minimal trash.

“Last year I hosted an event for Leonardo DiCaprio, raised over USD$8million, at a dinner, and it was 99.99% zero waste,” Andy told me.

“Still one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to.”

He’s not forgotten about the people who worked tirelessly at Exuma in the lead-up to the ill-fated Fyre Festival, Andy said that he’s still active in donating to the workers on the Bahamian island after they were left unpaid.

“My speaking engagement of Australia and all my speaking engagements right now, a large percentage of everything that I earn goes directly to the Bahamas – to the GoFundMe,” Andy said. “To pay everybody back.”

Andy King will be at BIGSOUND in Brisbane in September, giving a keynote speech on Wednesday, September 4.

Image: Netflix