An AUS Band You’ve Never Heard Of Just Won A Grammy You Didn’t Know Existed

Seems obvious when you think about it that the United States would use part of its major music awards show to give out gongs specifically for Christian music artists, what with the whole country being a nation of god-fearing weirdos and whatnot. But even in the Grammy Award category of Lovin’ Jesus Through Song, Australia just managed to whip America’s ass.

Local group Hillsong Worship which, would you even believe, was formed out of the monolithic Hillsong Church, took out the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for their tune What A Beautiful Name.

And before you go assuming that the beautiful name they’re referring to might be Giorgio or Ignatius or Bruce, the chorus lyrics feature the devilishly simple three line stanza “What a beautiful name it is/What a beautiful name it is/The name of Jesus Christ my king.”

So that settles that.

The group was initially founded in one form or another in 1983, and has a laundry list of people on its roster list. But today, Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding represented the group in accepting the Grammy Award, which was among those handed out on-stage at Madison Square Garden prior to the main broadcast going live.

Said Fielding of the win:

No matter how far or close you feel to God or no matter how great the distance his love is greater, his name is more powerful, more wonderful, more beautiful than any other.

More power to you and all there mate but I posit that if no love is greater than God’s then that felt after a solid toasted sandwich and a good wank comes an extremely close second.

The Grammy Award is Australia’s first win at this year’s ceremony, with fellow Aussie artists like SiaNick Cave, and Mansionair all missing out in their respective categories.

For the record, here’s the now-Grammy Award winning tune.

It’s no Faith +1, but then again what is.