Amyl & The Sniffers Subjected Meredith Fest Cookers To A Chatroulette Livestream

Look, you see a hell of a lot of weird-ass shit at Meredith Music Festival every year, so when I noticed that Amyl & The Sniffers had blasted up a video of an online chat for its backing screens, I wasn’t surprised. Except that it wasn’t a pre-recorded video, it was live. Amyl & The Sniffers beamed the poor, lonely souls from the dark depths of Chatroulette onto the huge Meredith screens for thousands of cooked punters to see.

[jwplayer oTUtyuBC]

Hot from winning their first-ever ARIA Award last month, the Melbourne band had a camcorder set up in the festival’s front of house/sound hut, filming a photo of lead singer Amy Taylor, with a note underneath saying “YOU ARE ON STAGE. 12,000 PEOPLE WANNA SAY HELLO.” Then they booted up the classic video chat site (which is notoriously littered with guys just cranking their hogs) and streamed it straight to the big screens onstage.

You’ve gotta give massive props to the tech team for this one – masterfully interchanging the Chatroulette stream with footage of Amyl & The Sniffers from the stage itself, so that nobody copped an eyeful of some horny dude’s rigid johnson. Even though that would have been very funny to see, Meredith is a family-friendly festival and consent is a very important thing. And all nudity is reserved for the harsh light of day on Sunday for the annual Meredith Gift, anyway.

Looking back at this video I took of the Sniffies’ final song ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’, it explains a whole lot about why there was some random bloke beamed up onto the screen, looking quite puzzled at what the fuck he was hearing and seeing. At least give us a wave mate, you’re famous!

[jwplayer S7H8dF2f-IxfdLzLk]