Amanda Blank “Might Like You Better” (If We Slept Together)

With stops at “Getting Your Hopes Up-Ville” and “Titillation City” Amanda Blank rides the innuendo train to boner town in her new video for booty rap banger “Might Like You Better”.

Hands up if you’re surprised? No one? Of course not. Might Like You Better has been floating around the interwebs in some form for centuries (in blog years) and since the blatant sexuality of her thigh squeezin’ puss teasin’ verse on Spankrock’s “Bump”, which we still maintain is the hottest female verse spit in the new millennium, Ms. Blank has carved out a very specific niche for her playful brand of lyricism. It’s not rocket science just sweaty party jams with more come-ons than bass dips and a healthy dose of female empowerment through flipping the script and objectifying men. Which when you think about it, is pretty easy because phallic metaphors are as bountiful as the booty in a Spank Rock video. Umm yeah, moving right along…

Here’s the video. Blank’s debut LP I Love You is out now and features Spank Rock, Santigold, Lykke Li, Cool Kids, Diplo, Switch and XXXChange. Friends in high places y’all. Friends in high places.