Nick Murphy scored three nights of Vivid Sydney‘s doozy lineup, and, with his sets all going down at the Sydney Opera House, we knew we were in for a goodie. There’s nothing quite like seeing a local legend perform in Australia‘s most iconic venue.

took to the stage with his four-piece band and played a mix of crowd-pleaser classics like ‘1998‘, as well as some newbies from his Missing Link EP incl. some moody, unreleased tracks which saw him take to a not-so-caj grand piano.

While the Concert Hall is typically a seated venue, it didn’t stop punters from filling the aisles and gettin’ down like it was no one’s business (plus, the SOH team know their shit when it comes to lighting).

Can confirm: Nick Murphy is not just a name, but a ~feeling~ embodied in every sec of his live show.

Check out the pics and fuel your FOMO.

Photos: Paigge Frankie.