Alex Dyson’s Documenting The Clean-Out Of His Childhood Room & Finding Gold

While we’re all for Triple J‘s new breakfast hosts, Ben & Liam, our mornings don’t feel quite the same without the beloved Matt & Alex – an iconic duo who are just too good and we miss them heaps (although, to be fair, I’m kind of glad they’re gone, because their parting gift of a live rendition of Kiss From A Rosewas next level good).

Nonetheless, their absence is still felt, but – thanks to the fact that we all like to share everything on social media these days – you can now feel closer than ever to one-half of the ‘Brekkie’ team, Alex Dyson
Ol’ Dyso has hopped onto Facebook to share with his loyal followers the act of finally cleaning up his childhood bedroom in Warrnambool, and he’s taking us on the unforgettable journey; letting us revel in every grisly and humiliating detail (the photo is 360, by the way, so you can click through and see the room in all its glory). 
In the comments, you will be blessed with photos of Alex as an awkward and uncomfortably seductive child:
And truly empathise with the extent of his velcro wallet collection:
And who doesn’t have a fucktonne of weird art projects stashed away that you did as a misunderstood teen?
All in all, it’s some bloody solid fun – and it only continues, with Alex also discovering an entire collection of Pokemon cards, a shoebox with a Playstation 1 and games that ACTUALLY WORK, and, of course, heaps more awkward photos and many an old toy that you probably thought you wouldn’t want at all, but hey, here you are playing with it decades later. 
So, here it is, folks – some lovely entertainment for your afternoon/night. You’re welcome. 
Source / Photo: Alex Dyson / Facebook.