Don Ya Flannels ‘Cos Alanis Morissette Is Doing Her First Oz Tour Since ’99

We can’t really believe we’re writing this, but there’s a glimmer of truth: only 90s kids will get this.

Everybody’s favourite Canadian, Alanis Morisette, is returning to Australia for the first time since 1999. She’s just announced two very special evenings in both Sydney and Melbourne next year.

The singer, whose tunes dominated nearly every analogue mixtape and seem to rule the vast majority of Aussie radio stations, will be performing at Melbourne’s beaut Palais Theatre on January 23, and at the ICC Sydney Theatre on January 24.

While her appearance is bloody enormous news, don’t expect a full band spectacle. Morissette will be gracing us with an acoustic trio as backup, meaning you’ll be able to hear her powerful and very, very unique register with a minimum of interference.

Tickets will be on offer from Monday, and that’s some good advice that you just should take.