Adele Gets Wheeled Past Fans In A Secret Box Before Emerging On Stage

Remember when Katy Perry emerged onto the concert stage teary-eyed in doco Part Of Me, amid experiencing a relationship breakdown with then-husband Russell Brand? At least she had a lil’ underground universe in which she could comfortably be hauled up onto stage via a transporter of sorts. Looked chill from what I remember – like Katniss going into The Hunger Games sans the impending death. 

Be grateful, Perry. I’d be more likely to sob if I was Adele pre-concert. The esteemed singer gets wheeled into the arena in a sweaty kit box – like literally one of those heavy duty things used to transport inanimate equipment – so that she can materialise onto stage in “da faq did she come from” style. If it were me, I’d be crying from that experience at the same rate of losing the love of my life, purely from low-level claustrophobia. 

The reason she does it? Well, she performs a lot of stadium gigs, where there are no tunnels for her to get out the uh, ordinary way. She could just show up via backstage, but the Tottenham darling is clearly committed to putting on a helluva show. That’s commitment.

It’s something that’s been talked about previously, especially when the above YouTube video went public last year. But now the dots have been connected for [insert whatever it is that we call the Adele fandom here]. She revealed at her Sydney concert over the weekend:

How I get to this stage makes me so sweaty. I’m drenched. I can’t tell you til the end [of the tour] — you’ll laugh when you find out.
I’m shook. How many punters in PerthMelbourne, Sydney and, well, anywhere in the world since she shot to stardom, have been in arm’s reach of one of the world’s biggest stars and been totally oblivious to it? Fuck, you guys. Fuck.

Be ready, Adelaide

Source: Metro.UK.
Image: Cameron Spencer / Getty.