Adele Cuts Pyrotechnics From Perth Show After 4 Y.O Son Cops An Eyeful

When you buy a ticket to see Adele live in concert, you’re not only paying to hear her belt out ‘Hello’, ‘Rumour Has It’ etc etc but for some A-grade banter.
Kicking off her first Aussie tour at Perth‘s Domain Stadium last night – as 65,000 fans screaming their fkn lungs out, making it the city’s biggest-ever live concert – the 28-year-old Brit gabbed about everything from how sweaty her face and thighs were (‘The weight is going to fall off of me on this tour’) to the unwelcome addition of a fly to the mug of honey-spiked tea she sipping from.
Just before a 40-strong male choir joined her on stage for a back-breaking rendition of ‘Skyfall’, Adele also revealed she forced to cut pyrotechnics from that section of the show after debris flew in her four-year-old son’s eye during Monday night’s rehearsal.
Her production team let off the fireworks as planned and “a bit of shit” zoomed into poor Angelo’s face, prompting her to “can that whole bit” because it was “too risky”.
OHS hazards didn’t stop her from firing a t-shirt cannon into the crowd though; she pinned $20 to the tour souvenirs-turned-rockets and told the crowd to “buy a drink on me” like the big bloody legend she is.

The woman does no wrong.

Photo: Getty / Paul Kane.