AC/DC inhale……barely

You know you’re bordering on ‘over-the-hill’ when your band’s backstage rider reads like a stock- list at a nursing home. AC/DC, I’m talkin ’bout you.

1. Thee oxygen tanks-check.

2. Three oxygen masks-check.

3. Fun size candy bars-check.

4. Cheese and crackers (preferably English)- check.

5. Two live potted trees-check.

6. 3 spare setts of false teeth-check.

Ok, I lie on that last one.

Those boys from AC/DC sure do know how to party. Their inhaling somethin’ severe back stage and everyone’s getting tanked. Sounds like fun right? Correction: AC/DC have gone clean. No sex, no drugs, no booze, no babes. In defiance of the very meaning of Rock n Roll, the only stuff going up the nostrils of these blokes is what’s coming out of their oxygen tanks. Apparently they hop straight onto them immediately after each show. They claim it’s because of the soaring temperatures; Brian Johnson ‘croaked’-“Some of the gigs we’ve been doing have been 100 degrees on the stage and there is no air in the place, so you gotta usually get back and take a couple of gulps.”

We reckon if backstage request number 11 weren’t three large ash trays, they’d be requesting pumpkin bread like Taylor Swift, and tuning a Jonas Brother instead of tuning into their heart monitors. Slow down fellas and drop the cancer sticks, or your next turn- off WILL be the Highway to Hell.

Title Image by Kevin Mazur via Getty