Abbie Cornish For Esquire

Abbie Cornish’s ability to inhabit confronting roles and convey the most tenuous of moods truly belies her youth. At twenty-seven years of age the Australian actress first entered our consciousness by portraying damaged beauties with equally fractured lives (2004’s Somersault, 2006’s Candy) and now stars in Sucker Punch the forthcoming film from Watchmen Director Zack Snyder.

Described by Snyder as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns” Sucker Punch also stars fellow Aussie Emily Browning, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, doe-eyed indie Queen Jena Malone and unashamed exhibitionist Vanessa Hudgens. Wow, eclectic much? Just imagine the wrap party it’ll be wild.

Anyway, Cornish recently appeared in Esquire Magazine to discuss the film and increase our completely unwarranted hatred of Ryan Phillippe.

Read the Esquire Interview Here

Title Image by Frazer Harrison via Getty