A Very Brave Dubai Massage Parlour Is Using Taylor Swift To Spruik Handies

BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift is giving wristies in her spare time.
This unlikely tidbit according to a massage parlour in the United Arab Emirates, whose ‘New Lady’ is very clearly TayTay circa 2010 (we hazard a guess the photo used was taken around the time ‘Speak Now’ came out, because those crimps). 
Redditor Rinaldi363, who lives in Dubai, documented the establishment’s liberal / unauthorised (surely???) use of her image for us all to enjoy.

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It’s kinda like the time someone used her image as a PSA against marijuana use.

The owners of the “happy endings” hotspot probably thought this game of fast-and-loose would go unnoticed, but nothing does in the age of the internet.

Quick, someone calculate how many handies it’d take to pay for a $10M lawsuit and let them know?
Source: Reddit.