A Tantalizing New Year

A while ago we ran a comp for tickets to Van She Tech, Bang Gang and Utah Saints at Cargo bar on NYE. To win tickets all you had to do was spill the most explicit thing you have ever got up to during NYE celebrations.

We got tons of entries but none surpassed this one. Sadly the author would prefer not to be named:

Okay, so NYE last year I was seeing this girl. Cute thing: 5’7″, brunette, green eyes, freckles… You know the kind. But the thing was I always had a crush on her older sister, who was 3 years older than me (we were 20 at the time). Anyhoo, for NYE I get invited to join her family on their friend’s yacht in the harbour, and her sister was there (obviously) but with a friend. Now this friend was SMOKING hot. Unbelievable. I thought that I’d have to jump off and swim home because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to resist flirting with this girl. So here I was, on a yacht – owned by the managing director of a really, REALLY big investment company so it was a pretty pimp yacht – with the girl I was seeing, her hot older sister and her stunning friend. Tough start to the day.

So we’re out there, enjoying good food, drinking more and more, and I find myself having a conversation with my girl’s older sister’s friend. Hailey. It had a name. I was pretty pissed at this point and she asks if I want some coke. I politely decline (there were parents on board after all). She insisted I join her in the cramped bathroom for a couple lines. I felt my self-restraint slipping. My girl’s sis walks over and encourages me further, saying that she’d join us so if anyone found out she’d take the heat. I obliged.

5 mins later, a few lines gone, we’re in this cramped cupboard of a bathroom, and Hailey suddenly kisses me. I freak out coz my girl’s sister is there, but she she just groans. “Oh, you knew I have a thing for him,” she mutters sullenly. Here I was, buzzing from this white nepenthe, having just hooked up with the most beautiful girl ever, and finding out that my girl’s sister had a crush on me to boot! Christmas must’ve been a week long thing that year…

Fast forward a few minutes of awkward conversation and I’m kissing my girl’s sister, who’s kissing Hailey, who’s kissing me, etc. etc. One thing led to another and we begin undressing and fooling around, completely unaware of the fact that we hadn’t been seen for the last 15 minutes. And, as any good story would have, a twist of fate happened. My girl’s mum knocks on the door and asks us to come out. Shamefaced, cheeks flushed (from embarrassment or other), we walked out of the bathroom and felt the full wrath of a very pissed of mother. She never told her daughter, but I was banned from seeing her – with good reason. The rest of the night went as smoothly as one could hope after being caught by a mother having sex with her daughter and her daughter’s friend in a threesome while doing coke on a boat in the middle of the harbour whilst seeing her other youngest daughter who was also on the boat…

Best (and worst) NYE ever. And definitely the most memorable.

But SHHHH! It’s a secret.