I, a mere mortal, cope with an ~it couple~ separation as anyone is wont to do: I look at lots of photos of them in happier times. If I’m really lucky, they’ll have collaborated on some project. So maybe I listen to that and cry a little, and it’s weird but all in all a beautiful time. 

When The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) and Bella Hadid split up a few weeks ago, after 18 months together, I indulged in my typical cycle – scrolling through their respective social media feeds for some bittersweet relief.

And en route to her first-ever appearance in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Bella was doing exactly the same thing: she was caught peepin’ a months-old pic of her smoochin’ the ex.

A Fan Caught Bella Hadid Creeping Ex The Weeknd’s Pics & It’s Relatable AF

How does anyone *know* that? One of her fellow model cohorts took a photo from inside the model-filled private jet taking the VS gang to Paris – the location of this year’s show – and an eagle-eyed fan noticed the photo on her phone was one of her with Abel.


Bella looking at the picture of her and abel kissing on the VS plane??

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This means she still cares. This proves she’s actually human, and not a long-limbed alien brought here to make us question how two sisters can be that genetically superior.

If reports are to be believed, Bella had barely touched down in Paris when she and Abel – who’s also in town to allegedly perform at the show for the second year running – met up.

He was apparently having dinner with friends at Hôtel Costes, including your childhood heartthrob Ryan Phillippe, when she dropped by with some of the gurlz to say hey.

A source told  E! News they were 100% chill in each other’s company:

“Bella sat next to The Weeknd and spoke for a little while to him. They were really cool with each other. Bella was in a great mood, smiling and seemed really happy while being there.” 

We give this breakup a month.

Photo: Instagram / @abelxo.