Perth musician Jonathan Baucke, a man so adorably twee he is basically his own one-man Zooey Deschanel movie, proposed to his girlfriend last month in the form of a music video. 

The video was a tribute to his girlfriend’s favouite musician, chill, handsome indie rock dude Josh Pyke. The song takes the form of Pyke’s own track ‘Lines On Palms’, and presents Baucke as the second-best option, after the musician himself.

“I know that you’ve got the hots for Josh Pyke, you’ve taken me along to more than a few of his gigs,” begins the song, before Baucke physically transforms himself into Pyke, explaining all the reasons why it would be impractical for his girlfriend to run away with Josh.
Baucke couldn’t resist taking a bit of a swipe at Pyke, mentioning the time that a friend of his met the singer for dinner, and he came across as “a bit of a cunt.”
The song itself was posted back in May, but Pyke himself only became aware of it earlier this week, posting the video to his own Facebook page. He took it in stride, calling the video “solid gold” and acknowledging that he can at times be “a bit of a cunt”.

Fortunately for Baucke, The Daily Telegraph report that his girlfriend accepted the proposal, meaning that his days of wearing a Josh Pyke wig to bed are over.

Photo: Brendon Thorne via Getty Images