So Kanye West is currently touring the US on his glorious-looking ‘Saint Pablo‘ tour, and everyone nearly fainted when they realised that Ye is raised up on an enormous floating stage above the audience at each show

It looks grandiose as hell, but it was inevitable that at some stage, someone was going to try to climb up the stage to try to chill with Yeezy.

AS IF Kanye would let that happen, right? Well, no – it’s happened.

In these new videos posted to Twitter, a fan tried to climb up to the top of the floating platform while huge anthem ‘POWER’ was being performed at the Philips Arena in Atlanta.

The bloke very, very nearly makes it to the top, but he doesn’t just fall off by his own accord, as to be expected. He sees Kanye very aggressively motioning to GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIS STAGE, and the kid just drops. 

Like, free-falls back into the heaving crowd. 

Watch below: 


As terrifying as it would be to free-fall backwards into a rampaging crowd of Yeezy stans, if we saw Mr. West marching towards with those angry hand-gestures, we’d sure as hell be letting go too. The man is a wildcard.

A Crazy Fan Tried To Scale The Floating ‘Pablo’ Stage & Got Rekt By Kanye

Source: Twitter. 

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty.