A Black Metal Band Crashed An Engagement Photoshoot & It’s V. Brütal

On an unseasonably chilly Monday morning, all I can offer you is the kind of story that will warm the cockles of your blackened heart.

Californian couple John Awesome (surely not a real surname, right?) and Nydia Hernandez were taking their engagement photos at Holy Jim Canyon when they ran into a group doing the only other kind of photography you can do in the woods: black metal promo shots.
Yep, they rain into local black metal band Coldvoid.
Because these days black metal guys are pretty chill – no more Scandinavian church burning – and they were more than happy to join in with the engagement festivities, obviously.
Photographer Janet Wheeland was happy to have them onboard too. “When you run into a black metal band in the woods during your engagement session you ask them to join in,” she told BuzzFeed.
Dysmal, of Coldvoid, said that it was obviously their pleasure to help out:
We were there taking photos for our band and our drummer Zack’s girlfriend took our photos. The couple approached us with their photographer and we chatted for a bit, and then they asked to take a photo and we were happy to do it.

Serendipity, eh?

Source: BuzzFeed.