A Beary Quick Update: Panda Bear & Grizzly Bear News

Now for the latest in bear-related band news: music blog Gorilla vs. Bear discovered that the forthcoming single from Animal Collective’s Panda Bear AKA Noah Lennox entitled Tomboy is now available to pre-order on Amazon.com.

According to the item description the single, which also includes B-side “Slow Motion”, will be officially released on 13 July and is the first in a series of limited edition seven inch singles that Panda Bear will be releasing through label different labels: “There will be several limited singles total (on different labels), and each one will bring us closer and closer to the much anticipated release of the Tomboy full length.” There hasn’t been any confirmation on the scheduled release date of the album also called Tomboy, but it’s super exciting times for collectors of seven inch singles.

Some interesting side-project news has also been revealed by Brooklyn four-piece Grizzly Bear. In a recent interview, Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen spoke about bandmate Ed Droste’s desire to pursue a solo musical endeavour called ‘Samantha’.

Bear said: “Ed always talks about this project called Samantha that, at this point, there’s not even a song yet or any semblance of anything,” Chris Bear said in a recent interview. “But he’s talked about it a lot in interviews, so it’s a good idea. Auto-Tune will probably be involved. It’ll be dancier. It’ll be a little more, like…diva-y.”

Bears have recently overtaken wolves as the most popular animal species to be used in band naming, with deers staying in contention at third place.