6 Musos & Hospo Legends On The Best Gig They’ve Ever Been To, If Yr Feeling Live Music FOMO

Best gig

Live music is the best thing in the world. Luckily for us, gigs and events are creeping back in a huge way, and honestly, I could not be more here for it.

As part of the Sydney Solstice, Secret Sounds are kicking off a brand-spanking-new gig series called Supper Club Series. It’ll be pairing the best musos in the country with incredible dining experiences to create a truly unique gig experience touring 12th June to 1st July.

The lineup includes a list of nostalgic faves, including the 10th-anniversary celebration of Sydney’s iconic ‘The Dip’ diner, which will be fuelled with as many danceable tunes and burgers as it was in its heyday.

Since we love reminiscing on a special gig memory more than anything, we asked a bunch of musos and leaders in the hospo biz to share their favourite concert/festival/show memory to fuel your live music FOMO.

“Just before Covid hit (like the weekend before we went into lockdown), my wife and I took our six-year-old son Archie to see Hot Chip play at The Enmore. It was the first time he’d ever been up past 10pm. He ended up partying with us till 12:30, standing on his chair, singing along to every song while chugging Sprite to stay awake. It was the best night ever.” – DJ Levins

“A couple of years ago, I took my nieces to see The Wiggles at the Superdome. I left feeling so inspired; they must’ve done six sold-out shows that day as a part of a huge tour. The production spent seemed pretty low too. The margins that I imagined as I sat there singing along to hot potato really lit a fire under me. Plus, the girls loved it. Top day.” – Joyride

Jamiroquai with my Dad and Kimberley Smith in Year 10. My dad drove us to Canberra from Wagga and almost dozed off on the way home. Seriously, I woke up to him swerving.” – Nina Las Vegas (Hoops)

“The first Rhythm of the Night party at Goodgod. Dave Horne, aka DJ Hornedogg, started playing just before the doors opened to the back club. As the first few bars played (it might have been Steal My Sunshine by Len), the doors opened, and people streamed in and started dancing. There was a full dance floor within seconds. It was such a great moment!” – Ariane

“Watching Outkast at Splendour was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, mostly because I thought I’d never get to see them! They are my all-time favourite rap group and had been inactive for close to a decade, so I had pretty much struck them off my Wishlist. Also, I got to watch them with my Halfway Crooks brother Levins (who is also a die-hard Outkast fan), so it was pretty darn special. We screamed every lyric at the top of our lungs and hugged multiple times.” – Captain Franco

I was in London 10 years ago, and David Pynt of the now-famous Burnt Ends Singapore had teamed up with a young wine importer Alex Whyte (Tutto Wines) and had taken over a space in a car park of a coffee roaster situated under a rail bridge. They built a giant outdoor wood oven and grills and spent the spring and summer months running a popup, serving whatever was fresh and available with amazing natural wine from all over Europe. It was an eye-opening experience for me, wild, crazy and fun but executed so cleverly. I’ve spent all of my career trying to pull off something so pure and so wonderful.  I was there for two weeks, the first week was wild onions and smoked eel, the second week was suckling pigs. Fuck me, what a vibe, what legends.”Mike Eggert

Here’s a list of the gigs you can suss, and you can nab tickets to them here:

  • Saturday 12 June – Donny Benet & Toby Stansfield present ‘Dinner at Nonna’s’ – SOLD OUT
  • Sunday 13 June – The Dip 10th Anniversary, Mary’s Underground
  • Sunday 13 June – Ten Hats & CLYPSO present ‘Brunch’. Lord Roberts Hotel – SOLD OUT
  • Thursday 1 July – Archie Roach & Mark Olive present ‘Food and Music for the Soul’, Mary’s Underground – SOLD OUT