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How does one even begin to honour and describe Charli XCX? She’s the definition of a trailblazer and the purest form of an icon. The word influential doesn’t hold a candle to her impact. Many have tried to imitate, but none have come close to presenting with such power. She defines what being a Leo truly is.

She’s Charli, baby. We are merely puppets on a string in a world she conducts — and we love it that way.

As always, 2021 has proven to be another stellar year for the pop star-at-large. She just dropped her 80s-harkening pop fiesta ‘Good Ones’, premiered her own documentary about the creation of how i’m feeling now at SXSW and has mentored up-and-coming Aussie artist daine. To add to her colossal resume, she’s one of the newest Pandora ME ambassadors alongside fellow icons beabadoobee, Addison Rae, Donte Colley and Cecilia Cantarano.

Where the world has sometimes failed to see her shine, her stans have yelled their praises in support. Her artistry is responsible for one of the most vocal and diverse fan bases on the planet and her fans are known for expressing themselves like no other.

Because she’s so damn special, it’s natural her fans are too. Here’s a look into how 6 of her ~angels~ have learnt to express themselves through the wider Charli stan base — let’s ride.

The music stans

“I’ve been a Charli stan since high school. While I know some stans would rather forget the Sucker era, it was what initially pulled me in — the trashy, party-girl with smudged eyeliner who was equal parts sweet and rebellious. Since then, watching her develop into one of the most powerful forces in the music industry has been so inspiring to watch, especially being a musician myself. She’s one of the most talented behind the scenes songwriters in the game, she’s responsible for bringing hyperpop to the forefront, and has a creative visual direction like no other.”

“Having friends who are also stans is the best because whenever we talk about her it feels like we’re just entering this new and exciting world that’s ‘other’ from everything else — and that’s what she’s created. Every stan has their own strong opinion on which era is their favourite/the best and being able to have passionate, in-depth conversations like that about an artist brings me so much joy.” – Bianca, 23

The queer community

“Charli XCX stans are just so unafraid to be themselves and embrace their uniqueness and oddities in full force, it’s quite beautiful to see. In fact, the audience at her Sydney concert was so friendly and it was incredible to see how many queer people were able to find themselves in the music and unite under one roof.”

“Seeing her fanbase be so inclusive and confident really helped me to want to be the same, after all it’s what Charli would want of me.” – Michael, 23

“I initially just liked the music, but very quickly I met more and more amazing people through Facebook groups and gigs. From this I also became exposed to more and more (mostly queer) artists, and this whole cycle just continued. Being a Charli stan was probably the first time I felt a real sense of community with other queer people.”

“That allowed me to embrace who I am. Even just hearing her music being mentioned by someone in real life, say, at a party, is a signal that we can open up and be comfortable with one another. In the words of Charli herself: ‘Gay rights!'” – Zac, 23

“I remember when the tickets for Charli’s Sydney Pop 2 show went on sale and at the time, I was only really somewhat of a fan of hers but I knew it was going to be one of the best events of the year. I remember getting the express train from Cronulla to Redfern station, to meet some internet friends at a sharehouse for pre’s. I was so nervous to hang out with ‘internet friends’ but also nervous to be referred to as an ‘internet friend’ — alas, I had one of the most special nights of my young gay life.”

“To be jumping around and sweating with a big club filled with people like me, adorned in obnoxious sunglasses and clunky statement jewellery, listening to Charli, both angelic and harsh, I felt at home. Whenever I’ve listened to Charli, or watched her perform live since, that feeling remains, a feeling of comfortable, whilst debaucherous, community.” – Ben, 21

Look at Charli, just casually thriving. 

The party kings and queens

“I went to Charli’s Laneway Festival afterparty in early 2020 just before lockdown hit. My God, it was probably the last time I’ve felt that sweaty and sticky pure party-euphoria where people were just losing their minds, free together in that moment. That’s what I love about the fanbase — I feel like it’s all people who come from different walks of life but they just ‘get’ each other. You don’t really feel that connection at other events and parties.” – Christina, 23

“Charli, to me, is one of the most genuine, relatable people I have ever seen in the public eye. She isn’t afraid to show the ups and downs of her life which, as a celebrity, involves more challenges than the average person on the street.”

“I see a lot of myself in her, that being a person who likes to party and make music, all while having a diverse circle of friends of all gender and sexual identities to celebrate life with. She is living her life the way she wants, and everyone is welcome to come to her party.” – Michael P, 23

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Image: Instagram / @charlixcx