50 Cent’s Entourage Robbed A Dude Onstage While 50 Cent Was Performing

You know that old adage about how one cannot choose the thug life, the thug life chooses thee? I’m beginning to think that that doesn’t necessarily apply to 50 Cent anymore. At yesterday’s Summer Jam concert – an enormous rap festival promoted by New York radio station Hot 97 – Fiddy was on stage performing when what appeared to be a scuffle broke out towards the side of the stage, with members of his crew setting upon someone and appearing to come up with a gold chain, that seems to have found its way around 50’s neck by the end of the set.

The chain in question is believed to have come from the neck of rapper Slow from the rap duo Slowbucks. Rumours are rife that 50 ordered the robbery and subsequent assault after Slowbucks posted a photo of themselves along with 50’s estranged son Marquis Jackson on Instagram.

Though what Slowbucks were doing on stage with 50 if there was even the slightest hint of known beef is beyond me.
And that wasn’t even close to it in regards to pot stirring during 50’s set. The known grudge-holder took the chance at Summer Jam – his first appearance at the event in ten years – to stir up the beef he was pushing the last time he took that stage, this time with everyone’s favourite Murder, Inc. roster member, Ja Rule. 50 took the opportunity to slam down a hot version of his not-even-remotely subtle Ja Rule diss track “I Smell Pussy” during his set.
Ja Rule? Not real jazzed about the whole thing.

(No time for spelling when you’re hustlin’ 24/7, apparently)

Say what you want about the guy, but 50 Cent sure knows how to maximise a little bit of stage time. Sheesh.

Photo: Robert Atanasovski via Getty Images.