5 Up-And-Comin’ Aussie Acts To Get Around Before Festival Season

The summer festival season is back in full swing, so yep, it’s officially time to start worrying about the outfits, hangovers, sunburn and missing memories all over again.

Most importantly though, there’s a shit-ton of great new music to be consumed and a lot of it’s coming out of our very own fine country.

To kick off the season, we hit up Lake Mountain in Victoria to check out Paradise Music Festival. In its fourth year, this weekend fest is renowned for having its finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s good in up-and-coming music. 

Here are our top picks for who to keep an eye / ear out for in the coming months:



If you’re anywhere on the brink of a quarter-life crisis and trying to figure out what all this living biz is about, then Julia Jacklin’s debut LP ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’ is definitely for you. Her honesty slaps you right in the face, while her magnifico vocals wrap themselves warmly around you – lucky really, because it was fkn freezing at Paradise.



If you’re in the mood for some fun then we recommend Gabriella Cohen be your new musical indulgence – her slacker jams are bursting with both charisma and heartbreak. 


Jus’ putting it out there – this might have been the highlight of the weekend. The joint venture between high school m8s Oscar Key Sung and Grant Gronewold (aka HTML Flowers) is a must-listen. They’ve collaborated before and drifted apart, and now they’ve come back together for Lossless and it’s 100% *meant to be*. 


Melbourne’s Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson– who make up the fun ’80s techno duo GL – have been on P.TV’s radar for a while now. Playing to a busy crowd on Friday night, they whisked us away into the night with their dreamy beats (and A+ attire). 



Buoy was prepped for the fest with both warmth and style – a sense of style that drifts effortlessly into her sound. Her standout single ‘Clouds and Rain’ is in the running for FBi’s song of the year, so get your ears around it stat. 

You can find out more about Paradise festival here, or soak in some more ~vibes~ with the piccies we snapped below.

Photos: Paigge Frankie.