5 Tips For Nailing Your Grapevine Gathering Experience Bc I’ve Been There, Sipped That

Gather round kids, as I tell you the tale of Grapevine Gathering circa 2019. Uni graduation was around the corner and my friends and I were kicking the end-of-year celebrations off at Grapevine Gathering festival.

Since then, I’ve been trying to capture the spirit of that November day, but alas, it has often escaped me. While I haven’t made it back to the festival that’s held in a literal winery (AKA, the festival of my dreams) for the last few years, I hope that the sesh Gods work in my favour and I’m able to dance the night (and day) away once more.

This year, Vanessa Amorosi, King Stingray, Spacey Jane, The Wombats, Hayden James, Bella Amor, and more will take to Grapevines across five states. The fest kicks off in Victoria on October 7th and concludes in South Australia on October 22nd. In between, they’ll be touring Qld, WA and NSW.

If you’re considering buying tickets, then read on for the must-dos, according to someone who’s been there, sipped that.

Don’t be “that guy”

Hosting a music festival in a winery is a genius idea. But, it’s almost too good. Especially if you’re a wine lover like me. I made the mistake of getting swept up in the thrill of it all and by the headline act (one of my favourite bands), I was crying to indie pop in the mosh. The memories of it are also… hazy to say the least. 

I wish I’d slowed down a little more on the booze and hydrated between rounds. Of course, I know this now but was 23-year-old Jasmine going to listen to common sense back then? No. Don’t be like me, kids. Drink water.

Pace yourself!!!

Prioritise your faves

The year I went, I saw some of Australia’s best artists. Don’t Flight Facilities just scream ‘summer 2019’? This year, there are more incredible acts ready to perform in the vineyards. The Wombats and Hayden James are doing Australian exclusive shows, while Vanessa Amorosi is ready to get absolutely everybody dancing. Keen.

Make sure you prioritise your fave acts so you can be at the barrier boogying to ‘Moving to New York’.

Most importantly. Have fun! Summer is coming, music festivals are back, and did we mention it’s a festival in a literal winery? Soak up the acts, eat some good food and make some memories to kick off festival season, baby.

Views from VIP, babyyy.

Take in the serenity 

Obviously seeing the musical acts and sipping on wine is like, the whole point. But mid-morning, when we first arrived, the blue sky and rolling green hills signalled that summer was coming. As we headed to the top of the hill to look out over the scenery, it was so beautiful to sit with my friends and take it all in. An IRL ‘How’s the serenity??’ moment. Don’t miss those moments of calm amongst the dancing and drinking.  

“How’s the serenity??”

Slay the travel game

Does anyone want to be deso driver when you’re spending ten hours in a winery? I don’t think so. If your pals would prefer to sip than be sober, consider a bus transfer ticket. Grapevine Gathering transportation will pick you up and drop you off at the same central location so you can sip back and relax. This will also help the flow of traffic and the environment with less people using cars. A win-win, really.

Book the next day off

SUCH a rookie mistake. I thought I was soooo invincible back then. But as I dragged my crusty self onto the tram at 9am for my waitressing shift, I was really wishing I was still curled up on my friend’s couch eating a greasy fry-up and reminiscing on the day before. While you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do when it comes to making money, consider taking the next day off to really enjoy the atmosphere and to debrief with your pals. Trust me, there’ll be a lot of memories to share.

Even if you’re not working, make sure the next day is reserved for some hair of the dog. If you’ve stayed overnight in one of Grapevine’s lush wine regions, why not explore it and catch some local markets to wash away your sins?

If you’re keen, you can suss out more deets and grab your tickets here!