Politics and rap. Who’d have thought those disparate worlds would ever meet?

Today, Aussie rapper 360 offered his lyrical take on the slow-mo Hindenburg wreck that is the US presidential election with sixteen searing bars aimed at Hillary Clinton.

In a video posted to his Instagram, the artist – real name Matt Colwell – donned a balaclava as he tore right the hell into Clinton for the reputation she built as Secretary of State. 

via @3ree6ixty / Instagram / The Daily Mail.

The thing is, we can’t show you the clip, ’cause he nuked it an hour after posting. That may have something to do with the lyrics of the piece, which The Daily Mail managed to transcribe.

“Yo, I’m sorry for interrupting,” the bloke rapped. “I just wanted to say Hillary Clinton is so frigging lovely. No, that bitch is ugly.”

I’m not talking about how she looks either. What I’m saying is she is disgusting.

Don’t get me wrong, as far as presidents, I’d love to see the women run it.

But her? Fuck that. I just wish another chick was running.”

He didn’t ease up on the Democratic nominee from there, reckoning she’s a “pimp for blood,” the “devil in the flesh” and the kind of POTUS to  “fill a village up with kids and mums.

Give every single one a kiss and hug – and tell them where they live is lovely.

The second that she sits above flying to a different country, she’ll flick a button and kill everyone in that city, trust me.”

Ol’ mate closed the piece by asking “how can you kill the suffering if you actually kill the suffering?”

The video was apparently removed after a user asked Colwell, who has been incredibly open about his struggles with addiction, if the rapper was using again. 

Colwell responded by asking the user what made them think he was using in the first place, which is a totally fair question. 

Still, if we see any more vids like this, they probably won’t be coming from his personal Insta account, but straight outta some underground alt-right memeboard.

Source: Daily Mail.
Photo: Sam Tabone / Getty.