29 Y.O. Falls Fest Stampede Victim Faces Surgery & A Month In A Wheelchair

A Falls Festival attendee who was caught in the terrifying stampede that injured nearly 80 people has revealed that his injuries are so severe he won’t be able to walk for at least one month. 
Tim Hunt, a 29-year-old hotel manager from South Australia, has been confined to a wheelchair while being treated for his injuries at Barwon Health Hospital in Geelong.
He attended the festival with his mate Luke Boud, who was also admitted to hospital for serious abrasions sustained in the stampede but was released on Saturday.
“It was my first and last time at Falls, both Tim and I can’t go back to work because of our injuries,” Boud told the Herald Sun
Hunt – who travelled from South Australia to the New Year‘s festival in LorneVictoria – will have to undergo skin graft surgery for the damage done to his legs. 
Photo: Daily Mail / Supplied.

“Doctors have told me I won’t be out of hospital for at least another week.” 
Hunt described the scene – where witnesses heard crushing bones and screams – as looking like “the aftermath of a bomb site,” and he is “surprised that no one was killed.”

Falls Festival organisers issued an apology for the dangerous situation yesterday, and are attempting to make contact with everyone who was injured.
We wish them a speedy recovery. 
Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Facebook / Tim Hunt.