It’s Pride Month at the moment, where the weather is warm and folks gather together all over the world to commemorate the Stonewall riots, and celebrate their country’s LGBTQI community with parades, events, and a metric shit-tonne of glitter.

One way that Jane ‘Chika’ Oranika, a 20-year-old singer/rapper/poet from Alabama, has celebrated Pride Month is to create an absolute belter of an anthem for the global LGBTQI community.

She’s taken the Ed Sheeran hit ‘Shape of You‘ and put her own spin on it to produce, ‘Proud‘.

Originally posting a snippet of the cover on her Twitter, Chika’s fkn incredible rendition quickly spread and everyone had a bit of a full-on meltdown over how much of an immediate banger it is.

Chicka’s now put a full version up on her Soundcloud so quick get onto it ASAP because it is Very Good.

Your move, Sheeran.

Photo: Getty / Kevin Winter.

20 Y.O. Rapper Reinvents Ed Sheeran Tune As LGBTQI Anthem For Pride Month