There’s something about this time of year that always makes me feel like I need to up the ante when it comes to my financial situation. The holiday period is officially over, January sales have passed and we’re all back at work.

So a sudden and exciting flash of cash heading your way would, quite simply, not remotely go astray. That’s why we’re slinging a big fat $250 Westfield voucher to one lucky human who answers our questions below.


Lately I’ve bought a bunch of new stationery, I’ve done more laundry than I can physically wear, and I’ve Marie Kondo-ed the shit out of my house. The problem, however, is the newfound temptation to go buy new things that bring me joy. Because there’s nothing quite like replacing old junk with new junk.

WIN: Buy A Bunch Of Stuff That Brings You Joy With A $250 Westfield Voucher

And look, it’s not ideal to go out spending like I’m being funded by a wealthy ol’ magnate who wants to keep me living in the manner of which I am accustomed (hey, you can dream), but sometimes it’s nice to go for a splurge and buy something utterly random that you may not need, but DAMN do you want it.

So when it comes to scoring a potential wind flow of money to keep me going, a few questions is fine. Heck, I’ll shout for an hour straight and utterly revolt against my vocal chords if it means I get to go buy some shit that’ll make me feel joy.

If you’re in the same boat, chuck a few answers above and one lucky winner will cop the voucher. Happy spending, joy-bringers.

T&Cs apply.

Image: Instagram / @mariekondo