PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Leatherman to help someone live rent-free for a year.

Christ alive, just thinking about winning free rent for a year makes my groin salivate.

For most millennials and really, anyone under 50, rent is our numero uno concern. I also happen to forget that I have to forfeit 1/3 of my pay every month,  continuously going through the five stages of grief when I eventually fork it over to BodyCorp. It’s rough out here, you guys.


For one lucky fuck though, that endless nightmare will soon come to a halt, as Leatherman is throwing a comp that’ll shout someone free rent (up to $25k) for an entire year.

It’s easy as: click the link above, tell Leatherman why you think you deserve free rent  (in 25 words or less, no novels) and start spending money like you’ve already won.

A simple comp for the chance to have your money woes wiped for a year? I haven’t been this pleasantly surprised since my doctor told me my liver was in tip-top shape (sucked in, health experts).

If you win, I suggest you use the year wisely and finally dive headfirst into those passion projects you’ve been putting off for what seems like an eternity, which is 100% fair because passion projects require money and most of our money is going towards rent. It’s a vicious cycle.

As an added bonus, 20 runner-ups will also score a new Leatherman FREE™ T2 multipurpose tool, which usually retails for a chill $99.95.

To put that into perspective, if you win the main prize, you could technically buy 250 T2s with the money you save on rent that year. Or, if you’re so inclined, you could buy over 25,000 cans of chickpeas from your local supermarket. Oddly specific, I know, but I stand by my legume unit of measurement.

A little more info on the Leatherman FREE™ T2 for all of you who are more excited about winning one of those than free rent (weirdos, but okay): there are eight (8) tools all up, including screwdrivers, a trusty knife and a bottle opener (necessity), plus it comes with a 25-year warranty.

25 years seems like a mighty long time considering climate change is being all climate change-y but you know, it might come in handy during the impending apocalypse.

Give me an apple pronto, I wanna use the T2 to cut up some slices while I regale strangers with wise stories that don’t really go anywhere and have no real purpose. The modern-day dream right there.

In case you missed the first giant entry button, here it is again for your convenience:


T&Cs apply.

Image: Broad City