I won’t lie to you, folks. I’ve been eating a lot of baked bean sandwiches this week. Sometimes, I will simply eat them direct from the can if I haven’t got bread. And I’ll eat ’em cold, to save on electricity.

Because look, the last week before pay day is always a bit of a dodge time. You start really thinking about all the things you own, wondering if you really need them or if you can justify poppin’ them up on eBay to grab a little cash.

Sure, you can cover all your essentials, because rent and bills are all paid for, but what about the treats? The treats, I beseech you. Where are they?


If you’re not going to treat yourself with your regular (dwindling) bank account — which is totally fair, ‘coz ya know, the boring adult stuff comes first — then you should answer the survey above and chuck your name in the running to score a $250 Westfield voucher.


Me? I’d probably put that towards something tastier than my baked beans. Maybe a basket of croissants if I’m feeling fancy. But hey, you do you! You’ll have all this money to play with. You’ll be raking it in. Nothing can stop you, champion!!

So go ahead and give it a crack because think about it: it’s a chance to score yourself some cash literally for the thoughts that you have in your very own head. You’ve already got ’em in there. There’s literally nothing else you gotta do.

Let your thoughts be free, friend.

T&C’s apply.

Image: Roc Nation