I’ve recently found myself in somewhat of a home decorating hole, the likes of which I cannot seem to escape. It’s too early for Christmas decorating (fight me, it’s not December yet), but the house does need a little zhooshing. And I? I need a little cash to make the zhoosh happen.

You in the same boat? I’m gonna guess that even if it’s not home decorating (the most satisfying of all decorating, truly), then you could probably make use of a few cheeky green bills heading your way. Three to be exact.

If the thought of clutching those crisp dollarydoos has you vividly imagining all the cool shit you wanna buy, then head on through the link below to answer a coupla questions and put yourself in the running to win 300 big ol’ bucks.

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Seriously, it’s bloody easy. We’re essentially your fairy godparents, bestowing upon you riches beyond your imagination. Or at the very least, riches beyond what you’ve currently got floating around in your wallet now that you’ve flung all your cash at your fave restaurant.

T&C‘s apply.

Image: Zombieland