PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with The College at Western Sydney Uni to show y'all the light – because your ATAR does not determine your future. You do. Get cracking on an alternative way to uni/making your ambitions come to life by sussing out courses at The College.  

Fun fact: it is not the end of the world if you don’t score the ATAR you always dreamed of. It may feel like it, like you’ll never be able to accomplish all you want to in your career. But hey, y’know what? That feeling shall pass – especially when you discover the huge amount of other options at your disposal.

A low ATAR – while disappointing – actually doesn’t mean very much at all. In four years time when you’ve got a degree under your belt and are applying for big boy jobs, it’ll just be another number – and one you barely remember.

Don’t believe me? Take Annie Kate Collins, a Skywalk Guide at the Sydney Tower Eye, for example. Despite an ATAR of 52.8 – or rather because of it – Collins is well on her way to achieving her sky-high career ambitions.

Yep, you could be on top of the world like Collins in no time, with a little help from The College at Western Sydney University and their alternative entry pathways, which give you the knowledge and skills to hop into your second year at WSU.

And plz plz plz remember: your ATAR doesn’t define your future. You can still lead your best life, kickin’ career goals left, right and centre.

Were Your School Marks Below Average? You Can Defs Still Reach Career Highs

Image: The Waterboy