PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with BPAY to help you pay those bills you've been putting off.

Well, ya chatty humans. You racking up the phone bills again? Wouldn’t life be so much more grand if you could just, ya know, treat yourself with the cash you spend on ’em instead? Treat. Yourself.


So if given the opportunity to have your bills paid for you (freeing up the cash for you to order in a mega feast, pop over to Europe or hire a butler to do all the chores you can’t be bothered to do), we’re absolutely sure you’d take it.

Just to take one thing off your mind (and free up some of that valuable gooey brain space for learning), tell us above how you’d encourage your mates to use BPAY and they’ll chuck you a slick $1000 towards your phone bill.

Seriously, BPAY already makes it easy to pay your bills, so this money can go the extra mile in making sure you’re sorted for your phone bill.

Just tell us how you’d get your mates onto BPAY and you could be finally able to pay off the cost of uni textbooks. Or hey, you might feel the need to revamp your entire wardrobe – you could do a real Marie Kondo number on your place and buy afresh.

The main thing is that five lucky folks will be able to splash their cash on the things they’d normally only be able to treat themselves with.

And you could be one of them – chuck your answer in above and you might score a big ol’ chunk of bill-paying bucks.

Image: Instagram / @arianagrande