I love a bit of HQ Trivia, folks, but I also hate it for two reasons: the app is buggy as fuck and the questions are often quite US-centric. But hey, it certainly doesn’t stop me from jumping into a game or two each day.

In today’s game, however, every Australian was absolutely bloody stoked, because question 3 was simply, “What is the capital of Australia?” Turns out this was one of the most savage questions to ever appear on the mobile game show, with a whopping 1.1 million people getting it wrong as hell.

Absolutely fucking owned. To be fair, I’m sure Canberra doesn’t get a whole lot of international attention, but still, sucked in. For once, we got a question just for us, and you better believe we’re relishing that shit.

As you’d expect, Twitter went wild shortly after the question was aired.

Hahaha. Suck eggs, mates.