Hey, if you live in Melbourne or Sydney and play the Lotto, and inexplicably forgot to check up on the draw on Saturday night – possibly because you were too busy watching a Mission Impossible movie or something – you might want to go back and check. The Lott has taken to Facebook to find two mystery people who won a million bucks each in the draw but haven’t claimed it.

The person in Melbourne bought a winning ticket from Coburg Hub Lotto, Coburg, with the Division 1 prize of $1,018,499.24.The Sydney lotto winner bought the ticket from Connection Newsagency in the CBD. That prize is also $1,018,499.24.

“We’re in the business of paying prizes so we never lose hope of uniting winners with their prizes,” The Lott spokesman Matt Hart told 9 News. “After all, we’ve had winners happily discover their windfall weeks, months and even years after their win.”

Aside from these two from Saturday, there are nine mystery winners still floating around out there across the country, to the tune of  $8,209,996.95 in unclaimed winnings.

Just for the record, it’s me. I bought both of those tickets. Sorry, I lost them. But it was me. Legit.

Image: The Simpsons