PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with myPlates to help celebrate the personal things in life.

Adulting is hard. Real hard.

Back in primary school, the most stressful part of the day was trying to get those pesky Roll-Ups remnants out from our teeth. Now, with adult-y things like rent, troublesome flatmates (always) and taxes (literally what are they?) in the way, it can be easy to forget that you deserve celebrating… *faint violins play in the background*

But it’s important to make a mental note of monumental milestones, and to treat yo’self every step of the way in this journey called life.

Because treating yo’self is paramount, okay? So let’s walk together, hand-in-hand, through 5 key life moments that are more than worthy of a celebration.

The new licence

Depending on what state you’re in, the whole P-plate process can take up most of your young adulthood. From red plates to green plates to full licenses, every stage of the license process symbolically represents a level up in the adult game. 

The new job

Life’s a highway, and now you’re speeding past all of its milestones – you’ve finally secured your first proper job with an actual salary and actual colleagues. Hoorah! Although, in reality, you’re probably the human equivalent of a broken down sedan in need of an oil change, this big kid job has you feeling like a Lamborghini, and that’s all that matters.

The first car

You look gorg behind the wheel, mate. That is all.

The engagement

All of that swiping, scrolling and crying has actually paid off – you’ve miraculously met someone who not only puts up with your daily dramas, but who wants to be legally bound to that mess… Congratulations. Because it’s 2019, it’s probably wise to invest in some joint initials for your number plates, just so the thirsty singletons out there know to back off…

The break up

Okay, so those thirsty singletons didn’t back off and now you’ve broken up… Well, why not celebrate a break-up? You’ve been through the worst, and your strength should be celebrated – pat yourself on the back, kid! After all, recent singletons are always in need of some TLC. Treat yo’self – I’m envisioning one of those “Just Married” cars, with tin cans trailing behind, but with “Just Single” sprawled across the bonnet instead and a cute number plate along the lines of “SiNgle’N’SaSsY”. What an empowering mood.

Ready to celebrate your important milestones, whatever they may be? Chuck it on your number plate, so you can get up close and personal with your wheels. myPlates offers personalised products that’ll allow you to choose your own letters and digits in set formats, so jump on over to ‘The myPlate Maker‘ and see if your custom option is available from a truckload of options. That, itself, is worth celebrating.

Vroom, vroom, sis.

Image: Getty Images / KMazur