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Keen to keep your stuff safe at the beach? Of course you are?! The last thing you want for your brill day out is to have some crappy human pinch your phone, wallet, sunnies and whathaveyou while you frolick in the ocean/work on your tan.

Sure, there’s the whole “leave it in your car” method, but shouldn’t you be able to have things handy that’ll heighten your day (e.g. having the ability to take a bangin’ selfie of yourself)? And besides, it’s not as if beaches’ carparks are any safer.

So, how can you keep your stuff at the beach? Watch the video below for a nifty trick we’re sure you’ll be getting around as we head into summer.

A Genius Way To: Hide Your Valuables At The Beach

BEACH, PLEASE: Here's how to hide your phone and such when hitting the waves.

Posted by on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Happy beach-going, folks. Oh, and make sure you pack some legit sunscreen ‘cos ain’t nobody got time for a burnt-as-toast/lobster lookalike.

Image: Baywatch / Paramount Pictures